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Charlotte Spaghetti

Thanks for stopping by this page to learn more about me! My name is Charlotte and I write kids poetry and stories to help with language development, reading, and communication. And I have so much fun coming up with ideas and writing poetry that kids will love.

The inspiration behind my books is actually personal. When my first-born son was two years old, he had a very limited vocabulary. He didn’t say much, actually only a few words and animal sounds. He struggled to communicate and came across as very shy and an introvert. Now, I know that this was not who he was. He just needed some help. By the time he entered Kindergarten, he was excited to learn how to read and was quickly ahead of the game.

I write books to encourage a healthy relationship between reading and comprehension. And after having two boys, I understand that they get passionate about things – and want to dive deep into their passions, just like us grownups. My goal is to help kids learn how to read and fall in love with reading.

I enjoy candy, ice cream, and some fun animals when I crank out new ideas! Yum!

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Rapid Fire Questions Round From Readers


Write Daily or Weekly?

I write when there’s time, energy and a desire to do something great. Writing is about taking ideas and breathing life into them. There’s a right time and a place. Right now, it’s weekly.

Novels or Non-Fiction?

I love reading both novels and non-fiction books. I’m a big book nerd so my office is filled with all kinds of books. However, I only write poetry and short story collections for this website. I found that those worked best as speech prompts.

Coffee or Tea?

Oh, good question. I drink coffee daily, but I always enjoy a cup of strawberry tea or a cup of chamomile with honey. I mean, isn’t that our parents’ secret trick for sick children? I’m a fan.

Music or Art?

Both! But I can’t do either of them personally. I used to play the saxophone but that was years ago. As for art, I do have a college diploma in Art Appreciation and while I do appreciate fine arts, I’m no expert. Paint-by-number may be more my jam.

Mac n’ Cheese or Pizza?

Both – but in moderation. I can be critical of both, I definitely love specialties and great quality food. Not a big fan of boxed Mac N’ Cheese or frozen pizzas.

Facebook or Instagram?

I definitely spend more time on Instagram. The stories, the content and the profiles are just so much more engaging. You can follow me on Instagram here.

Do you draw?

I don’t. The watercolours and designs used throughout this website and on my book covers are licensed artworks, created by professional designers with a passion for beautiful work!

How many kids do you have?

2 – both boys. I’m a proud boy mama. But they are right about being tired at night. Boys definitely have plenty of energy so I’m glad I’m not alone in raising them – and entertaining them.

Where do you get your ideas?

I can thank my boys and my interests for my book ideas. I live in a colder climate, so the Christmas and Winter Wonderland themes are common around here. Being the mom of boys, dinosaurs and lizards are part of my daily repertoire. And I always appreciate a great good night story.

Happy or Sad?

Always happy, but it’s important to acknowledge the sadness.