Oh Dinosaur, How I Love You - Charlotte Spaghetti

Oh Dinosaur, How I Love You

Oh, dinosaurs! One of the most popular trends amongst children these days. T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor and all of their friends make up this cute collection of works. These poems and stories will help prompt the understanding of reading and words to encourage your little ones to explore the world of language and learning. Get ready to travel back in time to make big waves.

This is Halloween - Charlotte Spaghetti

This is Halloween

Halloween is a scary but beloved holiday and celebration. Kids get their costumes ready and hit the streets for trick-or-treating. But Halloween is about much more, including ghosts, zombies, spiders, black cats, and skeletons. This cute collection of stories will surely get everything in the mood for some spooky celebrations.

The Lives of Lizards - Charlotte Spaghetti

The Lives of Lizards

Lizards may be scary to some, but not in this book! Here, we explore the fun and exciting lives of lizards through poems and play on words to help encourage reading, understanding, and communication in children. Get to know the lizards, who love ice cream, rollercoasters, and reading books at night with their friends!

Candy and Treats That I Love to Eat - Charlotte Spaghetti

Candy and Treats That I Love to Eat

This book explores a theme that all children love – candy, treats, and sweets! The poems are all about sweets and treats, different colours and tastes, and of course, how they all give us big tummy aches when we eat too much! The book is a collection of poems and stories – and fun play-on-words segments.

Welcome to the Farm - Charlotte Spaghetti

Welcome to the Farm

Coming soon.

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