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FAQ for Charlotte Spaghetti

When is your next book available?

The best way to know if a new book is coming is to follow me on Instagram. I share a lot of my process, so you can probably get plenty of hints.

Where can I buy your books?

My books are sold through various large booksellers and distributors. You can find some links on the book pages on this website if you have a preferred seller. If you have any problems with a book purchase, please contact the seller directly.

Where do you find inspiration for your works?

I find inspiration for my works by looking at what my children love and how they interact. My oldest is very curious and asks a lot of great questions, some of which I don’t have the answers to. And if he’s asking them, so are other children. I also grab ideas from their curriculum in daycare, pre-school and Kindergarten so the themes shared at school and daycare continue at home. Recognition and repetition are both great for prompting toddlers to start using words.

Books are also an important part of our nighttime routine at home, so I also get ideas from these books and write poems from the random ideas, characters, settings and more from our experiences together. And don’t forget about all of those Netflix shows! Always an inspiration, never plagiarism!

Do you collaborate on works?

Right now, I haven’t collaborated on any works or books. My books are very personal to me because they are rooted in my son’s journey with language and expression.

I can’t find your books. What should I do?

Above, you can find a brief list of resellers and distributors. Most of those are online shops. Even though my books are in paperback, you may only find them on the seller’s website. The reality is that it costs a lot of money to keep books in the stores, as you essentially rent store shelf space. With the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, more people started shopping online. In other words, it just makes sense to have everything online, both paperback and e-books, such as Kindle and iBooks books.

If you can’t find my books, the best thing you can do is go to the book page on this website. There, you’ll find links to specific buyers – both paperback and e-books. Another option is to go to the reseller’s site, such as Amazon or Walmart, and search for my books with “quotation marks” for the best possible search result.